Expertise in Commercial Law

Small and medium businesses are great contributors to the Australian economy but they face legal challenges every day in managing a complex web of relationships with their customers, business partners, suppliers, landlords, employees and regulators.

From the inception of an innovative idea, business owners are faced with critical decisions such as choosing the right business structure, managing an acquisition transaction, and establishing legal relationships with a wide array of commercial counterparties. On an ongoing basis, business owners deal with commercial contracting, corporate governance, employment, fundraising, regulatory compliance, as well as stakeholder management issues.

We provide business owners with expert and personalised legal services every step of the way in their business life cycle. In transactional matters, we draft, negotiate and scrutinise legal documents and manage the progress of an acquisition or disposal transaction, whilst in non-transactional matters, we evaluate and articulate pragmatic legal advice to ensure that the business’ best interest is protected and advocated at all times.