Expertise in Dispute Resolution

A dispute of any nature can be time consuming and costly. For most people, going to court is the least preferred way of resolving a dispute because litigation is unpredictable, and entrusting the outcome of a dispute to a third party may not necessarily deliver the hoped for expectation.

Having said the above, when a dispute emerges, it is critical to have a comprehensive understanding of the legal strengths and weaknesses of one’s case. It is also important to impartially consider alternative methods of resolving the dispute having regard to the complexities of the legal issue at hand, the value of time, expected legal costs, and the impact the dispute may have on intangibles such as goodwill, reputation and commercial relationships.

We believe effective dispute resolution must fit the particular needs or dynamics of the parties. We provide practical advice and strategies to enable our clients to realistically determine their chances of success. In doing so, we aim to help you avoid unnecessarily costly proceedings, and ensure that you attain the best possible outcome with minimal impact on you and your business.